Continuing Education Certificate in Youth Ministries

The Continuing Education Certificate in Youth Ministries is a program of study designed to provide the college graduate or career-interruption student the opportunity for intensive study in Bible/theology and youth ministries.

Program Director: Jeffrey D. Riley

Program Outcomes

The student will:

  1. Develop basic knowledge of biblical content and Christian Theology.
  2. Develop a commitment to growth in Christian character and lifestyle.
  3. Develop knowledge and skills in youth ministry.
Certificate Requirements:
  1. Complete a minimum of 33 credit hours.
  2. Maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and receive a passing grade in all required courses.
  3. Complete the general graduation requirements listed in the Academic Life section of the catalog.
  4. Pay all applicable fees for this major as determined by the Business office and published in the annual statement of fees.
Continuing Education Certificate in Youth Ministries Requirements:
  • Bible/Theology (15 credits)
    • Old Testament Survey 1 (BT 102)
    • Old Testament Survey 2 (BT 104)
    • New Testament Survey (BT 106)
    • Christian Life and Worldview (BT 111)
    • Survey of Doctrine (BT 151)
    • Chapel (CCS 110)
    • Servant Leader Training (CCS 120)
  • Educational Ministries (15 credits)
    • Biblical Discipleship (BT 116)
    • Foundations of Youth Ministry (EM 206)
    • Principles/Methods of Youth Ministry (EM 315)
    • Educational Ministries Electives (6 credits)
      • Church Leadership and Practice (BT 450)
      • Marriage and Family Life (EM/SOC 109)
      • Women’s Ministries (EM 225)
      • Youth Culture and Challenges (EM 310)
      • Small Group Communication (EM 320)
      • Administration and Leadership (EM 350)
  • Intercultural Studies (3 credits)
    • Missions and Evangelism 1 (ICS 104)

33 credit hours

Award: Continuing Education Certificate in Youth Ministries

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