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Emmaus Distance Learning extends the mission of Emmaus Bible College to students from around the world, providing accredited online courses for college credit without the constraints of a traditional classroom. Emmaus Distance Learning is an affordable and convenient way to receive the trusted bible teaching you need to deepen your relationship with Christ and to enrich your ministry to others. Explore our current and future courses below, and take the next step by applying online today.

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Spring 2nd Term (February 27th - April 23rd)

A survey of the books of the Old Testament covering the period from Solomon through the post-exilic prophets. Attention will be given to the distinctive message and major features of each book with an emphasis on the events leading up to Israel’s captivity, as interpreted by the prophets, and on the nation’s return from exile. Special consideration will be given to the prophetic expression of hope with respect to Israel’s future.

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An exploration of the major world religions will be undertaken along with a comparison of their teachings with the teachings of orthodox Christianity. Religions such as Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam will be analyzed for the purpose of determining how best to reach adherents of these faiths with the gospel.

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A study of cultural and cross-cultural issues as they relate to counseling. The course will investigate the society and the church in terms of the role of ethnic groups, lifestyle traditions and change, populations patterns and counseling in various societies and mission fields.

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Summer Term 1 (May 8th - July 2nd)

A detailed study in the life of Christ. The chronological and geographical aspects of the Lord’s ministry will be stressed as He offers the Kingdom to Israel with its subsequent rejection. A term project tracing the geographical and chronological movement is required.

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This course undertakes a biblical examination of three areas of Christian theology: (1) Christology—the study of the person of Christ, including discussion of his deity, humanity, and the hypostatic union; (2) Pneumatology—the study of the Holy Spirit, including consideration of his personhood, deity, and ministries; and (3) Soteriology—the study of salvation, including the atonement, election, justification, and saving faith. Variant teaching and historical developments in understanding of the doctrines will also be addressed as appropriate.

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This course covers the development of the West from the birth of civilization to the start of the Enlightenment (1700s). Topics include the region/countries of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. A brief look at the Protestant Reformation and Renaissance will conclude the course. An important part of the course is the establishment of a model on how to conduct historical inquiry.

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An introduction to the critical reading and writing skills essential for success at college. English Composition aims to prepare students for college in two ways. One, students will learn the essential writing skills needed as they start college. We will learn to do academic research, to build an argument from research and integrate it into a paper, to structure a paper and use transitions to guide readers through it, and to explain ideas in detail and with clarity. As students learn and practice these skills, they will be equipped to successfully complete upper-level writing assignments. Two, students will learn the critical thinking skills needed to as they leave college and assume responsibilities in their jobs and communities. Our world is dealing with some serious issues right now; to help students develop a thoughtful, well-supported opinion on these issues, we will read a mix of news articles and essays and discuss these in light of a biblical worldview; we will also research and write about these issues. Ultimately, students will have an opportunity to stake out a position on the important issues their communities are wrestling with and explain their position with grace and truth. My hope is that they become thoughtful, reflective people, able to engage the world from a Christian point of view.

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Summer Term 2 (July 3rd - August 27th)

This course undertakes a biblical examination of four areas of Christian theology: (1) Theology Proper—the study of the doctrine of God, including theism and trinitarianism; (2) Angelology—the study of the existence, nature, activities and destiny of holy as well as evil angels including Satan; (3) Anthropology—the study of the origin, nature, and calling of man; and (4) Hamartiology—the study of the doctrine of sin, including its definition, character, and its role and impact on human individual and corporate life. Variant teaching and historical developments in understanding of the doctrines will also be addressed as appropriate.

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A verse-by-verse exposition of the Epistle to the Romans with careful attention paid to the development of the argument of the book, the authorship, recipients, occasion, purpose, and theology of the epistle.

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An introduction to the Great Commission, the biblical and theological foundations of the Gospel, and the practical implications of these for every Christian. Practical assignments help students become bold, articulate, and creative in sharing their faith.

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This course is designed to expose the student to a wide range of general mathematics with a desire to help them develop and appreciation for the beauty of mathematics, and the value of mathematical thinking. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills, along with the use of technology, will be emphasized and reinforced throughout the course as the student becomes actively involved in solving applied problems. Topics to be covered include: Algebra review, Problem Solving, Sets, Logic, Numeration Systems and Number Theory, Equations and Functions, Basic Geometry, and Basic Statistics.

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