Bachelor of Science in Bible/Theology and ESL Education (K-12 Endorsement)

This four-year program of study leads to a double major in Bible/Theology and ESL Education and has four major areas of educational requirements: Bible/Theology, general education, content area and professional studies. Upon successful completion of this degree program, the student is awarded a Bachelor of Science in Bible/Theology and Secondary Education. In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the bachelor’s degree, teacher candidates seeking recommendation for an initial teaching license from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners must complete all program completion and state licensure requirements. Teacher candidates seeking initial certification from ACSI must complete all requirements for the different levels of certification. It is recommended that teacher candidates apprise themselves of program admission, progression, and completion policies, procedures, and deadlines to ensure completion of all program requirements in a timely manner.

Bible/Theology and ESL Education Degree Requirements
  1. Complete a minimum of 124 total credit hours.
  2. A minimum of 60 credit hours must be earned from Emmaus.
  3. All credit hours in some professional core courses, in all methods courses, and in student teaching must be earned from Emmaus because licensure competencies are assessed in these courses.
  4. Achieve a 2.0 minimum grade point in most professional core courses and a 3.0 minimum grade point in a few selected professional studies courses in the secondary education program.
  5. Achieve a 2.0 minimum grade point in each content major course in the secondary education program.
  6. Achieve a 2.5 minimum cumulative grade point average.
  7. Complete the general graduation requirements listed in the Academic Life section of the catalog.
  8. Meet course requirements in the following areas:
  • Bible/Theology (33 credits)
    • Old Testament Survey 1 (BT 102)
    • Old Testament Survey 2 (BT 104)
    • New Testament Survey (BT 106)
    • Christian Life and Worldview (BT 111)
    • Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (BT 120)
    • Survey of Doctrine (BT 151)
    • Biblical Hermeneutics (BT 220)
    • Theology: God, Creation, and Sin (BT 221)
    • Theology: Christ, Holy Spirit, and Salvation (BT 321)
    • Theology: The Church and Final Things (BT 331)
    • Bible Book Study Elective
    • Chapel (CCS 110)
    • Servant Leader Training (CCS 120)
  • Educational Ministries (3 credits)
    • Teaching Bible** (EM 321) or Homiletics 1** (BT 322)
  • Intercultural Studies (3 credits)
    • Missions and Evangelism 1* (ICS 104)
  • General Studies (36 credits)
    • Fundamentals of Speech (COM 112)
    • Human Relations and Communications (COM 312)
    • Educational Technology (CS 240)
    • English Composition (ENG 101)
    • Introduction to Literature (ENG 102)
    • Linguistics and English Phonetics (ESL 205)
    • Transitions Seminar (FND 101)
    • Senior Seminar (FND 410)
    • Western Civilization 1 (HIS 131)
    • College Mathematics (MAT 140)
    • Developmental Psychology (PSY 211)
    • Educational Psychology (PSY/ED 351)
    • Biological Science and Lab (SCI 245) or Earth Science and Lab (SCI 235)
  • Professional Studies in ESL Education (49 credits)
    • Introduction to Education (ED 106)
    • Field Studies (ED 194)
    • Introduction to Exceptionalities (ED 231)
    • Field Studies (ED 295)
    • CIA in K-6 Reading (ED 301)
    • Instructional Adaptations (ED 331)
    • Teaching in Secondary Schools (ED 332)
    • Field Studies (ED 394)
    • Practicum 1 (ED 395)
    • Content Area Literacy (ED 420)
    • Principles of Management and Assessment (ED 470)
    • Practicum 2 (ED 495)
    • Student Teaching (ED 491 and 492)
    • Student Teaching Seminar (ED 499)
    • Introduction to TESOL (ESL 210)
    • TESOL Methods 1 (ESL 304)
    • Technology in Foreign Language Teaching (ESL 310)
    • TESOL Methods 2 (ESL 422)
    • Bilingual Education in K-12 Contexts (ESL 430)

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the bachelor’s degree, teacher candidates must fulfill all program completion and licensure requirements (cf. the TEP program policies) to be recommended to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) for teaching endorsements sought.

*meets Bible-Related requirement

Award: Bachelor of Science

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