Journey is our voice. It keeps us in touch with our constituency and serves as a forum for discussion among believers in New Testament assemblies. Journey provides a collective, balanced perspective on various issues confronting our churches today and seeks to offer helpful suggestions for addressing them.

The editorial staff of Journey Magazine welcomes articles written by brothers and sisters within our movement. Topics should pertain to the ministry of the local church, the exercise of spiritual gifts, the encouragement of spiritual disciplines, or helpful approaches to overcoming challenges that face our movement today. Journey Magazine reserves the right to edit all submissions for length and content.  Remuneration for submissions published in the magazine also varies with length and content.

Guidelines for Submitting an Article to Journey Magazine
  • We prefer articles to be written in Microsoft Word (version 2000 or above) and to be delivered electronically.
  • Articles should be spell checked and should contain appropriate English grammar.
  • Single space after end punctuation.
  • Sentence punctuation should be placed after parenthetical references at the end of the sentence.
    • Ex. "I love Journey (magazine)."
    • NOT: "I love Journey (magazine.)"
  • Use an "en dash" with no spaces between numerals and an "em dash" when used as a sentence break.
    • Ex. "5–6"
    • NOT: "5 - 6"
    • Ex.  "We love Journey—all of it!"
    • NOT: "We love Journey - all of it!"
  • Add outline-style sub-headings to articles to break up long paragraphs and increase readability.

To submit an article for review, send to

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