Bachelor of Science in Bible/Theology and Camp Ministries

Emmaus’s Camping Ministries program works in partnership with the Leadership, Training, and Development (LTD) program at Camp Forest Springs (CFS) in Westboro, WI. In addition to studying at Emmaus, students will spend their entire senior year immersed in a professional Christian Camping environment while earning academic credit to fulfill their degree requirements. The Emmaus Camping Ministries program is designed to combine Emmaus’ excellent Bible and theological training with dynamic Christian Camping ministries in conjunction with CFS’s experiential and hands-on classroom instruction. Students get the benefit of direct on-site training by CFS vocational staff. Students will work toward developing a personal philosophy and implementation of Christian camp ministry as they live out real-life camping ministry.

Program Director: Jeffrey D. Riley

Camp Ministries Program Outcomes

In addition to meeting the Bible & Theology outcomes the student will acquire proficiency in the following Camp Ministry areas:

  1. Personal Christian Character: Demonstrate servant leadership by consistent modeling of Christ-like behavior through personal devotion, obedience and life style.
  2. Intentional Christian Education: Acquire the necessary skills to effectively integrate the Bible and Systematic Theology with ministry in Christian Education and Christian Camping.
  3. Philosophy of Christian Education: Design a Camping ministry plan based on a Christian worldview through the redemptive theme in the biblical and historical development of the Church.
  4. Christian Camping and the Church: Value the centrality of the Church in relation to the complimentary role of Christian Camping in global missions and local church contexts.
  5. Methodology of Camp Ministry: Demonstrate competence in the various teaching techniques and methodologies for intentional ministry to all camp participants.
  6. Foundations of Spiritual Leadership: a) Implement the Great Commission of evangelism and discipleship to promote Christian faith ownership and leadership in camp participants. b) Balance the demands of ministry with the responsibility of personal growth and family well-being.
  7. Foundations of a Spiritual Environment: Provide a ministry environment that promotes the personal safety, dignity and enrichment of each individual through Christ-like qualities.
  8. Administrative Components of Christian Camping: a) Implement ministry Vision, Mission, goals and outcomes in support of the overall intentions of the organization. b) Recognize the ethical, ministerial, and professional tasks in management in the key areas of Christian Camping (for example, facility maintenance, general organization, finances, food services and staffing).
  9. Promotion and Public Relations: Demonstrate an understanding of non-profit ministry planning appropriate organizational marketing, promotion and public relations.
  10. Ministry and Vocational Opportunities: Be prepared for full-time Christian Camping leadership roles that require effective administrative, teaching, pastoral and leadership qualities.
Program Admission Requirements:
  1. Complete the freshman year at Emmaus with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5.
  2. Prior to the sophomore year, declare a major in Bible/Theology and Camp Ministries.
  3. At the beginning of the sophomore year, apply for entrance into the Camp Ministries program. The application procedure includes completion of a formal application and various references. After the application has been received, the Educational Ministries faculty will review it. Their decision will be delivered to the student by means of a formal letter.
  4. Attend CFS LTD program orientation weekend during the fall semester of the sophomore or junior year.
  5. Satisfactorily complete the Christian Camping summer Practicum before beginning the LTD program.
  6. During the fall semester of the junior year, make application for acceptance into the Camp Forest Springs LTD program. 
  7. Pay all applicable fees for this major as determined by the Business office and published in the annual statement of fees.
Bachelor of Science in Bible/Theology and Camp Ministries Requirements:
  1. Complete a minimum of 133 semester credit hours.
  2. A 2.0 cumulative grade point average and a passing grade in all required courses.
  3. At least 60 semester credit hours must be earned at Emmaus.
  4. Complete the general graduation requirements listed in the Academic Life section of the catalog.
  5. Meet course requirements in the following areas:
  • Bible/Theology (42 credits)
    • Old Testament Survey 1 (BT 102)
    • Old Testament Survey 2 (BT 104)
    • New Testament Survey (BT 106)
    • Christian Life and Worldview (BT 111)
    • Biblical Discipleship (BT 116)
    • Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (BT 120)
    • Survey of Doctrine (BT 151)
    • Biblical Hermeneutics (BT 220)
    • Theology: God, Creation, and Sin (BT 221)
    • Theology: Christ, Holy Spirit, and Salvation (BT 321)
    • Theology: The Church and Final Things (BT 331)
    • Applied Theology (BT 462)
    • Biblical Theology Elective
    • Bible/Theology Elective*
    • Chapel (CCS 110)
    • Servant Leader Training (CCS 120)
  • Educational Ministries (3 credits)
    • Teaching Bible** (EM 321)
  • Intercultural Studies (3 credits)
    • Missions and Evangelism 1** (ICS 104)
  • Camp Ministries (49 credits)
    • Educational Ministries (EM 106)
    • Educational Ministries Freshman Field Studies (EM 140)
    • AV and Technology (EM 230)
    • Educational Ministries Sophomore Field Studies (EM 240)
    • Youth Culture and Challenges (EM 310)
    • Small Group Communication (EM 320)
    • Teaching Bible Experiential Learning Lab (EM 324)
    • Educational Ministries Junior Field Studies (EM 340)
    • Administration and Leadership (EM 350)
    • Educational Program of the Church (EM 410)
    • Introduction to Camp Ministries (CMP 101)
    • Camp Ministries Field Studies (CMP 201)
    • Camp Management (CMP 300)
    • Camp Maintenance (CMP 310)
    • Promotion and Public Relations (CMP 320)
    • Food Service Management (CMP 330)
    • Camp Counseling (CMP 340)
    • Camp Organization (CMP 341)
    • Camp Administration (CMP 342)
    • Camp Programming (CMP 350)
    • Camp Teaching (CMP 360)
    • Camp Safety/Risk Management (CMP 370)
    • Camp Ministries Seminar (CMP 490)
  • General Studies (36 credits)
    • Fundamentals of Speech (COM 112)
    • Counseling Foundations (COU 121)
    • Fundamental Computer Literacy (CS 101)
    • English Composition (ENG 101)
    • Introduction to Literature (ENG 102)
    • Transitions Seminar (FND 101)
    • Senior Seminar (FND 410)
    • Western Civilization (HIS 131/132) or American History 1 (HIS 235)
    • College Mathematics (MAT 140)
    • Apologetics (PH 350)
    • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 111)
    • Biological Science and Lab (SCI 245)
    • Marriage and Family Life (SOC 109)

*must be a Bible book study
**meets Bible-Related requirement
LTD courses at Camp Forest Springs

Award: Bachelor of Science

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